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Clarins CRAYON SOURCILS 01 dark brown 1,3g

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01 dark brown

20,90 €

Dostupné varianty tohto produktu

Clarins  CRAYON SOURCILS 03 soft blonde 1,3g
Clarins  CRAYON SOURCILS 03 soft blonde 1,3g Clarins CRAYON SOURCILS 03 soft blonde 1,3g Nedostupné
20,90 €
Clarins  CRAYON SOURCILS 02 light brown 1,3g
Clarins  CRAYON SOURCILS 02 light brown 1,3g Clarins CRAYON SOURCILS 02 light brown 1,3g Nedostupné
20,90 €
Clarins  CRAYON SOURCILS 01 dark brown 1,3g
Clarins  CRAYON SOURCILS 01 dark brown 1,3g Clarins CRAYON SOURCILS 01 dark brown 1,3g Nedostupné
20,90 €
Určenie Pre ženy
Odtieň 01 dark brown
Typ Eyebrow pencil

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